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The Real Story

I was taking out my garbage when all of a sudden I heard a soft mew from inside a neighbor's garbage can. When I opened the lid a little kitten was inside. I took it out and asked it how it got in there. I asked the nieghbor if she was their's, but they said no. I put her picture in the paper, hoping someone would claim her, but no one ever did. Since she was the cutest thing, and there was a bond formed, I kept her. That is how I got Snowball.

The Snow

Since Snowball is white, the first snow was an interesting experience. We let her out like we always do. Then when we went to let her back in, we didn't see her. We called her name, and in response she mewed at us, but we couldn't find her. We called, and she mewed. This went on for about five minutes, before my daughter said, look over there, you can see two little green eyes. Sure enough those eyes were Snowball's. She was so cold she could hardly move, and since she was white, we couldn't see her. From then on, we just looked for the glowing green eyes.


Full Name: Snowball Kitty
Date of Birth: December 12, 1998
Place of Birth: Midwest
Occupation: sleeping