C - Files Virtual Cat Adoption Agency
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C - Files Virtual Cat Adoption Agency

Welcome to the C - Files Virtual Cat Adoption Agency. Here, we give you the chance to adopt your very own virtual pet cat. There are only a couple minor requirments:
1) That you have a web site.
2) That you e-mail me at cfiles@wildmail.com with the date the adoption took place, the name of the cat, and the address of your web site that will become the new home of your cat.
3) That you please link back to me either through the cat you adopt or another creative way, at: http://mellow-socks13.tripod.com/index-1.html
4) That you enjoy your new cat.

There are five easy steps in adopting a cat:

1. Look at and visit with all the cats. To view the cat's name, simply point to the cat, and wait for it to tell you its name.
2. Choose which cat you would like to adopt.
3. Down load your cat onto a file. You do this by right clicking on the cat, and choosing save picture as.
4. Go to your site and upload the cat.
5. Enjoy the company of your new cat.

My Name is Sydney
My Name is Kathryn
My Name is Anthony
My Name is Caroline