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stars STATS:

Real Name:
Mellow Socks
Sleeping, eating, and catching bugs
April 29, 1996
Birth Place:
Somewhere in the Midwestern section of the United States
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stars The Story Behind Mellow
One sunny afternoon in the middle of summer, my Mom took me to the local animal shelter Helping Paws, to adopt my very first pet, a little female kitten.
She was in the back of the cage, scared to death, with cats jumping all around her. When the lady went to pick her up, she didn't move a mucle, stunned by everything. See, as we would later find out, she had just been brought to the shelter that morning, and was still in shock about what had all happened.
I had gone to the shelter hoping for an all black cat, but when the lady put this scared little kitten in my arms, my heart melted. I thought to myself, she is still mostly black, with just a few gray stripes on her back, and a white belly. I looked at my Mom, and we knew that this was the cat for us.
We told the lady that we would adopt her, and she led us over to the table to fill out some papers. The kitten sat on my Mom's lap while she filled out the papers, and I stood looking at the ktten trying to come up with a name for her. She was acting very mellow while sitting on my Mom's lap, so we named her Mellow. Now see, she also had white paws, which made her look like she was wearing socks, and thus is how she obtained the middle name, Socks.
Ever since that day, Mellow has never been mellow again, but that's besides the point.
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stars Mellow the Dancer

Mellow is the first pet, let alone the first cat I have ever had. The first time I was playing with Mellow, she did something that I thought was very wierd. She crouched down real low, and wiggled her little behind. Now I know that cats usually crouch down when they are about to pounce, but I didn't know at that time that they also wiggled their behind. Everyday that I played with Mellow, she would always wiggle her behind when she went to pounce, so I got more accustomed to it.
Now I know, that cats wiggling their behinds, isn't a part of the dancer inside, but is part of the hunter inside.

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