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stars STATS:

Real Name:
House Protector
December 2, 1993
Birth Place:
Somewhere in the Midwestern section of the United States
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stars The Party
It was a mild winter night. Yes, I know that Dec. 2 is still considered fall, but to me it is winter. It was my daughter's birthday party.
I opened the door to take out the trash. I kept the door open with me foot, while I leaned over the railing of my outside stairs to throw the garbage bag in the garbage can. As I turned to walk back inside, a black blob ran into the house. Someone was about to take the cat and throw it back outside, when my daughter yelled," Wait! Dad let it in. Don't put it back outside."
I came in and gave the cat a bowl of bread soaked in milk. After all of the guests left, my family and I crowded around the cat. We determined that it was a female cat, that was about two years old. We also noticed that it was declawed. I nominated it my daughter's cat when she came to visit me, since it was her birthday party. We also nominated that the cat's birthday would be on Dec. 2, since that is when she "adopted" us.
I watched the newspaper for the next month, to make sure no one was looking for her, since she was declawed, which meant to us that someone was her owner before she found us. I didn't see any ads fitting her description, so we took her in. We named her Tinkerbear from a previous cat that we knew, but all of us called her Tinks for short.
We've since moved to the northern woods of Wisconsin, bringing along our faithful companion Tinks. We have now had her for almost four years.
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stars Human Like Qualities

Tinks to me is so special, yes know it sounds absurd, because she has some human like qualities. Yes, I said human like qualities. She seems to understand english. If we tell her something, she reacts to it in such a way, that it appears that she actually understood what I said.

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