The Pet Cottage Kennel
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Our kennel is open to cats, dogs, birds, and aquatic animals like turtles and other reptiles. These animals are offered many extra services while in the care of our employees. Our staff is trained so that they can groom, administer medication, prepare special diets, and offer lots of one on one time with the animals. Unlike most kennels, you have the option of creating a schedule that suits your pets needs, instead of a schedule that suits the staff's needs. You could think of our kennel as being more of a babysitting service to animals.
Our kennel facility is also different. Instead of locking all the animals in cages, we have little rooms. We have sections for each type of animal. In each room there are lots of toys, a feeding area, carpeting, and other types of things needed depending on what type of animal section it is. At our location, we have a lot of open space, perfect for the animals to run around in. We also have a special pond for some of the aquatic animals.


Pet Supplies

Obedience Class

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