Poetry Purrs
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Poetry Purrs

Welcome to Poetry Purrs. Here you can share poetry, short stories, and any other creative forms to express yourself with!!! All you need to do is e-mail your original creative work to me at cfiles@wildmail.com. If you want to include your name that's fine, otherwise it can be anonymous. Enjoy!!!

Final Good-bye

I woke up that morning, on my last day;
The sun shone brightly on my sleepy face.
I looked across the field at the blue jay
Flying through the air with elegant grace.

I realize that my time is running short,
So I try to make life the best I can.
For this, I need my familyís support;
I think I hear the engine of their van.

I now struggle to lift up my frail hand
For greeting my beloved family.
They each show a big smile that is so grand,
This is the reason I act so bravely.

It took all their energy not to cry,
While having to say their final good-bye.

- Joy

- Joy

Lost Hope

I have a couple good days,
But mostly just bad.
My skies are all grays,
The blue tears are sad.

I hope for the best,
But it gives me the split.
I say Iím not depressed,
Emotions I wonít admit.

Trying to ignore things that are small
And tear me up inside.
For this, I have constructed a wall,
Which my feelings behind hide.

Why canít you hear,
What I really mean?
Only in a tiny tear,
Are my emotions seen.

I canít live with you,
Nor can I without.
I wish you would see us through
And have in us no doubt.

I know now your faith in us has failed.
My hope gone, in the breath I exhaled.

- Joy


As I lay here in bed
I start to drown.
No one heard what I said
So now I make no sound.

Tears stream down my face
Creating puddles in each ear,
I wish to be in another place
Where loneliness I do not fear,

Where are my friends to comfort me?
At night, can they not hear me cry?
For their support I must now plea,
For my rescue, as here I lie.

Around the edges my world crumbles,
Who will help up the lonely girl who stumbles?

- Joy