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Our Little Angel

During a visit with my parents, my mother and I went shopping. We ended up in the pet store, and as usual went up to the kitten cages. I heard the sofest little meow, and when I looked in the cage the tiniest kitten in the kitten cage was looking right back at me. When I picked up the little black kitten, I noticed that she had the littlest bit of white under each leg and on the back of her neck. She was so small I didn't think that she was old enough to be taken from her mommy yet, but when I looked at the other kittens in the cage I figured she must be the runt of the litter, understanding that the runts usually need more care then the rest. I figured to give this little girl a chance I would adopt her. Now she's my husbands and my little angel.

The Runt

Knowing that Kee-Kee was the runt, I understood that she would have some need for extra care, but nothing could have prepared me and my husband for what we were about to go through. After many tests, vet visits, and a whole lot of money we finally found out that Kee-Kee has a liver problem(Cholagiohepatitis). We decided that we would do anything to give this little girl a chance to live a long and normal life, so we all went through treatment cycles for Kee-Kee. She is OK now, but she will never be totally cured of this disease. She will need to get an annual ALT(enzyme count of the liver) test done for the rest of her life. My husband and I still love this little cat, and no matter what happens she will always be our little baby.


Real Name: Kee-Kee Girl
Occupation: Making sure she is spoiled.
Birthday: September 12, 1998
Birth Place: ?