Nine Lives File
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Nine Lives File

The Nine Lives File is a collection of 9 profiles, each one being of a cat. The cat behind this website will always be featured in profile 1, so that you will be able to learn more about her. The other eight profiles will be filled with new cats as they come.

You can allow your cat to be in the spot light by featuring them in a profile. All that you have to do is answer the following questions, and e-mail them to me at
The questions are:

* The real name of your cat
* Occupation of your cat
* Birthday of your cat
* Birthplace of your cat

The following questions require a little more in depth answer. Please view the profiles already done when looking at the length of your answer, and try to keep it no longer then those answers, if possible.


* How did you get your cat?
* What makes your cat special, or what is an interesting story about your cat?

Please note that your submissions have the possibility of being edited.

Profile 1: Mellow

Profile 2: Tinks

Profile 3: Kee-Kee

Profile 4: Baby

Profile 5: Snowball

Profile 6

Profile 7

Profile 8

Profile 9